I haven’t had email for over a week. Something to do with switching to Sky despite being assured I could keep my email address. I feel both liberated and like the unpopular kid at school. I wonder what I’ve missed, who has tried to contact me and given up, if anyone is actually coming to the workshop I’m running next Wednesday at Worthing LIbrary or if the prep I’m doing for it is in vain. Has Johnny Depp tried to buy the film rights to Starlings and moved on after having his emails returned unread?

It’s odd not having something that I’ve come to rely on, but how much crap have I missed? How many unbought Groupon offers (I must get four a day and haven’t bought a single one) I haven’t gambled with my free casino vouchers either, or bought the latest music suggestions from HMV, or followed that prostitute on Twitter who wants to make my life better. I have never done any of these things though I am bombarded with emails every day suggesting I do. I should be happy I’m not getting distracted, I should be writing, but I feel at bit jumpy, like I’m going through enforced abrupt cold turkey. Damn you Demon!

Should be back on tonight they tell me – but they said that yesterday…