A busy weekend of the Brighton Festival Children’s parade, both boys took part, and two private views for Artist’s Open Houses on the Dyke Road Arts Trail. I am very pleased to be selling signed copies of Starlings at two houses this year and I will be doing readings at both the Gloobah House and View At 42. I’m hoping to persuade some writer friends along to do readings on Saturday/Sunday afternoons throughout May. Details later.

I also have a house-guest. Writer Louise Halvardsson is staying with us as part of her Swenglish Project. She arrived yesterday and it has been lovely so far. Today we went to The British Wildlife Centre for a Bank Holiday day out. I would really recommend this place – my kids loved it, and the day ends with an owl ballet as five owls take it in turns to fly around spectators in the dell. Fabulous despite the freezing cold!