Rattle Tales made it’s Brighton Fringe debut on Monday and what a night! The Caroline of Brunswick pub was packed  to the door as all 60 tickets were sold in advance and still people waited for returns. They were a great audience, probably our best yet, rattling their rattles and asking questions from the off.

As well as brilliant contributions from Rattle Tales regulars, Linda Baker, Alice Cunninghame and Amanda Welby-Everard newcomer Joe Joyce made an unbelievably assured reading debut with a tale about social discontent and giant insects, Ryan Millar gave us a hilarious and in the end very moving story about waking up as a bear (which prompted the night’s best question ‘So do you have a bear in your flat?’) and local author Susanna Quinn made us laugh as she turned the tables on a pushy door to door salesman with the aid of a self help manual. In celebration of Flash Fiction Day the two halves were rounded off with very short pieces from Charlotte Feld and myself.

A great evening – thanks to everyone who participated especially our audience.

As if this wasn’t enough, we now have an anthology of stories from our first year. Available now either on line or at our shows. Rattle Tales The Anthology. Special thanks to everyone who let us use their stories and to Mike Liardet who did most of the work putting it all together in time.