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Next Thursday Rattle Tales put on our first show at The Brunswick. Everyone is really looking forward to it because we’ve been looking for a permanent residence since we grew too big for The Marlborough Theatre. The Brunswick is roomy but intimate in a cabaret stylee so we really hope it’s going to work out.

We had the selection meeting for the event last week and I was struck by how good the submissions were this time. There wasn’t a single story without merit. As we saw last week democracy takes time, and each member of Rattle Tales (10 in all) has to be happy with the programme before it is finalised. As is often the case I would have been equally happy to include stories that didn’t make the final programme. Balancing the show is key to the event, you can’t have too many stories about the same things. I have noticed with each call for submissions that people tend to submit similar themes, this time there were a few Alzheimer’s stories and several coming of age tales, when this happens we tend to pick the story the majority think is the most original. Originality is key – if you are thinking of submitting to Rattle Tales (or anywhere!) try to be as original as possible.  We also need to have confidence that our audience will be able to follow the story, simple structures work best and first person does too because you can really hear how it will sound when it’s read onstage.

Rattle Tales likes a good story and on Thursday we have stories about storytellers, epitaphs, punks, invisibilty,Stephen Hawking, avatars and a real tearjerker about a warrior dog. There is literally something for everyone.

Normally the authors choose images to illustrate their writing but this time the stories are being illustrated by photographers from Brighton & Hove Camera Club. We have had some interesting comments already about the stories allocated and I can’t wait to see the interpretations and hear the explanations on the night. Living with a photographer means I have had my stories interpreted in this way before. My husband produced this image to illustrate my story Tea & Frankenstein, set in this Whitstable tea room.


This time I don’t know the photographer so I am wondering what sort of picture my words will inspire. If you want to see this fantastic collaboration come along on Thursday, tickets available on the door or via The Brunswick box office here.