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If you are interested in using STARLINGS for your book group you can purchase it here from Amazon.

After the first draft of STARLINGS I went along to a number of local book groups to find out what they thought of it. The feedback helped me immensely and I would like to thank them for their insight and encouragement.

Below are a series of questions about the book designed to get the conversation started.


1. One of the major themes of STARLINGS is the nature of life in a modern city. I chose to use an episodic structure because I felt it was best suited to this subject. |How effective is this device? Does it give the impression of lives intersecting over the years or did you find it incoherent?

2. Many of the characters in STARLINGS make judgements about each other without knowing the full story and without considering the way they might appear to others. Has the novel made you think about the way you view your own neighbours and how they view you?

3. The chapters PEBBLEDASHED and THE WIFE OF JOSHUA BONES share more than ill-fated lovers. For me they are an investigation into the force of creativity and how it bleeds into everyday life, particularly through memory. How is this addressed in these chapters and were you suprised by the outcome of THE WIFE OF JOSHUA BONES?

4. Many of the chapters originated in local urban myth. I wonder if they are the same in every city. Can you identify the myths and how they reflect the fears and anxieties of modern life?

5. Arlene is a distinctive voice in THE VAGINAS OF HURSTPIERPOINT but how reliable is she as a narrator, and is her view of the world skewed by bitterness?

6.How satisfied were you by the ending? Did you think that the bad men got off too easily or did you think that the line between good and bad in the novel is blurred anyway?

7. The novel is heavily influenced by other books, poems, films, music, even photographs. Which references, if any, did you notice?

All rights reserved Erinna Mettler


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