Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen Minutes is a collection of short stories about fame. The collection came about when a member of the audience at a Rattle Tales event asked me why I always wrote stories with famous people in them. I didn’t even know I was doing it. I suppose celebrity culture is so rife that it had worked it’s way into my creative thinking. The stories in this collection are about fame but not necessarily the famous. In fact the famous are relegated to bit parts in these stories, the people that matter here are ordinary people, so you get the story of a miner on the day of Margaret Thatcher’s death, a teenager obsessed with David Bowie, a failed Big Brother contestant and a chance meeting with Andy Warhol.

I didn’t really try to get a traditional publisher for this collection. In the UK short stories aren’t considered to be something that sells and it is very hard to get a publisher interested in them. It can be frustrating to hear this on repeat as an answer to agent and publisher submissions. Instead I decided to crowdfund the collection through Unbound Publishing. I have blogged extensively about this experience on these pages. Suffice to say I like Unbound’s style. Crowdfunding has been a rollercoaster but I’m fully funded now and the book will be out early next year.

You can play a part in getting this collection the attention it deserves by pledging your support. You will get your name in the book and you can pledge for rewards from a number of offers including a digital copy of the book to a manuscript appraisal from me.